My job is probably one of, if not the biggest part of my life. Four years ago, I had no idea where I was going or if this was going to work. But I just went for it & believed. I now meet amazing people every week who have chosen me to photograph them. Something which I think is very personal & intimate, especially in these current times of such high insecurities - everywhere. To me, being chosen as someone’s photographer has a much deeper meaning than ‘what it says on the tin’. Whether it is to them or not. But I honestly feel privileged.

After a completely mental summer, I’m now at a place where I’m doing ‘normal working hours’. For example once I have posted this blog, I am turning everything off, unlike staying up until 1-2AM in the Summer. Because I now have time, I can sit back & reflect on the last four years & everything that has happened. Although I get stressed & work myself into the ground, I would not change my job for the world. So to all the couples in 2014/2015 who trusted me to photograph your special day in my very early days, I honestly think about you all A LOT & I’m so grateful I was given the opportunity because I wouldn’t be where I am now. This goes for everyone I have photographed & who I am due to photograph over the next couple of years.


I find it so amazing when I meet couples for the first time & just think “yes”. I had this on Sunday with Alex & Emma for their engagement shoot, (seen in the image above). The feeling of “we’re a perfect match”. For me - that’s my success. Not winning awards, as lovely as that also is, but it’s meeting couples & instantly connecting. This tells me I am doing something right. Even though I have plenty of days of not thinking I’m good enough. I think a lot of fellow photographers / business owners can relate to this, but let me say, never underestimate what you are capable of & how far you have come.

As you know, a lot of my blogs turn into ‘my diary’, & tonight I just felt like saying thank you. So yes, thank you. x