My wedding photography bucket list!

If you follow me on social media you would've seen my post about 2019 almost being fully booked for weddings. I have decided to not take on as many weddings as last & this year for numerous reasons. We are getting married next year and the last thing I want in the run up to our wedding is to feel burnt out, stressed & exhausted, so I am leaving a few gaps & breathing space so I can really take the whole whirlwind in! Not only this, myself & my bridesmaids have had to dedicate a summer weekend to my hen-do already, otherwise I wouldn't be having one at all! So yes, it's a very big & exciting year for me personally, but this isn't the only reason why I am deciding to do fewer weddings. This makes it sound like I am hardly doing any - I am close to hitting the 30 mark for 2019 after saying I would only do 25, so I'm still not good at being disciplined!

Last year I photographed 39 weddings, this year I have 41 & I have learnt it really is too much for me, due to the way I edit, for my own wellbeing & also, as I do other shoots which I am having to jeopardise & constantly turn away. I LOVE shooting weddings, but do not want to end up resenting them & burning myself out, so it's all for a good reason!


This blog is clearly already going off on a tangent but it is leading me into the topic of my 'wedding photography bucket list'. As I have just said, I do love weddings & my job, but over the years I have discovered that certain weddings do suit me & my style more, & there's certain weddings & venues I have yet to photograph that I would do even if I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown! If I hit my '25/30' wedding mark & one of my bucket list weddings came into my inbox, I wouldn't say no (unless I was already booked), so I thought it's probably a good thing to talk about what these bucket list weddings are!

1. Destination!

When I started my business, it was always my goal to do destination weddings. I had my first one last year in Amalfi, & I have two this year & one next year. I have a huge passion for travelling & seeing the world, like most people, so when I can combine this with my other passion of photography (which I am lucky enough to call my job), it's the best feeling in the world! In a few years time I would love to be shooting fewer weddings which are predominately destination. This is another reason why I have started the cut down early! If you are planning on getting married abroad & like my work, please do get in touch, as I will offer a bespoke quote. I think some couples don't even ask UK photographers as they just predict hassle & a lot more money, but sometimes it can actually be cheaper depending on what country you are getting married in. If you don't ask, you'll never know.


2. Aynhoe Park!

My favourite UK venue which I have already had the pleasure of photographing at. I have never been anywhere quite like it & the weddings are EXCEPTIONAL here. I usually wouldn't like photographing the same venue over & over again, but with Aynhoe I feel you would find a new hidden gem each time & it changes around so much! Plus, you can fit any style of wedding in this quirky setting so each time would be something completely new & exciting. When I photographed a wedding here I was going through a very bad time personally, but I was completely taken away whilst here, which to me says it all. Aynhoe - I love you.


3. Festival Style!

I have photographed Tipi weddings which nearly were at the festival mark & I loved these, but I would love someone to enquire literally with the words ' Festival Style' as already I would know how fun & exciting this would be to photograph. Usually when people have themes it means there will be a lot going on, which again means a lot to photograph. When I first imagined my own wedding it was outdoor, bare foot, bohemian, games, food, drink - which it sort of will be...but not quite festival...anyway - I'm not talking about my day! But yes, Festival vibes - come my way! Preferably with feathers in the bouquet?...


4. Marquee weddings at home!

Pretty much the same as above but could be any style / theme. I have loved the marquee or tipi weddings I have photographed either at the couples family home or fields / grounds somewhere. I love how relaxed these weddings are & usually there's lots of details to photograph as the bride & groom do most things themselves or with the help of stylists. This makes it very exciting as a photographer! I just adore outdoor weddings. Can you tell? Maybe I should've put all this under outdoor....


All of my ramble above in two basic words. Outdoor weddings are the best!!!!


6. The Ritz.

Who. Would. Not. Want. This? I don't need to say anything else. Apart from, this is the perfect example of the kind of venues I would love to shoot at. Anywhere luxurious with gorgeous interior decor, as we all know again that's another passion of mine!


7. The out of ordinary & non traditional.

I know this is quite vague, but we all know I love a good wedding rule break, & it sums up overall the types of weddings I love best. I have discovered I love it when couples do things a little differently & take a more laid back or unusual approach to weddings. I wouldn't want this all the time as I do love the variety of work I get. But I would love to photograph much more with unusual & quirky elements! Also, these are the kinds of weddings that get blogged, as it's something different for their readers!


8. Good people.

Most important & something I do tend to strike lucky with. This doesn't really fit with the 'bucket list', but I have had to include it as nothing else matters without this. When I photograph couples who feel like friends to me, who are totally relaxed, lovely & easy to bounce off, I could be anywhere & it will be the best days 'work' EVER. 


Each & every lovely enquiry I get fills me with pride, but not every photographer is for every wedding. There's someone out there for everyone. Find a photographer who is right for you & who you like! They should feel like your friend & you should have similar styles & tastes. I love all my weddings & count myself very lucky that I shoot such a variety, but as I will now be cutting down the amount I shoot, I wanted to show you what would make me do a backflip out of my office chair. So if your wedding involves any of the above - get in touch, I would love to hear all about it! x