Have you photographed at our venue before?

I have decided to do a quick blog about this as it's something I get asked quite frequently. 

"Have you photographed at our venue before?"

When I get this question, I assume the right answer would be, "I have - nothing to worry about". But why? If I have, then yes that will obviously make the clients feel more comfortable knowing that I have been there before, know my way around & good spots for pictures, but surely if they trust my work enough it doesn't really matter?

I love to travel with my job, everywhere & anywhere! So this means that I see all different venues & many different types of weddings - this year I am off to Italy which I am so excited about! So with this being said, I am always at a different venue & this is what I prefer. I would hate to just stick to one area & do the same three venues over & over again, for me, it would certainly kill my creativity & I would start to get very bored. I also wouldn't want to run the risk of capturing the same image over & over again by habit because I 'knew it worked last time'. Nothing pains me more than when I get told the 'good photo spots' by a wedding coordinator at a venue. These are usually the spots every other couple will have exactly the same image of. I know they are just trying to help but I am there to do my job & I like finding the perfect spots by myself according to the light. SO, I prefer to turn up somewhere new, have a little explore & see what the day brings. It is my job to be a photographer who is able to adapt in any situation so there shouldn't be any doubt that the job would be done any less if I haven't been to the venue before.

Obviously, there are venues I have done more than once, & this is fine! I like going back to places I enjoyed shooting at but I also know that the following week I shall be somewhere brand new & this excites me & keeps my passion alive. I shoot for the couple & their day - not the venue.

Please don't choose your photographer on the basis that they have shot at your venue before. If they have - great, if they haven't - still great! 

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Below I have attached A FEW of the many venues I have had the pleasure of visiting. x