Give Yourself a Break - Hello 2016.

Happy New Year!

This is a bit more of a personal post rather than it just being about photography. You may wonder why I'm sharing but I think it's important for me to show that I actually am human rather than a wedding photography machine - if that makes sense.

I haven't had chance to go on holiday since summer 2013 due to my business taking off and a few family illness'. Last year was a challenging year for me personally but as I run my own business I had no choice but to carry on, rather than hiding away. I don't mean this to sound bad because I adore what I do and if anything it's made me realise and appreciate this more. What I mean is, when I had my 9-5 job, I could swap shifts or guiltily call in sick if I didn't want to face the music. But now I am stronger because I can't run away, I have to burry my baggage and not put myself first all the time. My clients have to come first. This is the same with most photographers through their busy seasons in the year. Because of this, it is so important to get away and make sure you have a break so you can be the best you can be for your clients. I managed to have my first January holiday this year and it really is a great way to start 2016. I am now refreshed, ready to work and excited about the amazing weddings I have coming up.

This all may sound very obvious and pointless to talk about, but I know lots of people who never give any time for themselves and end up running themselves into the ground. Working in the wedding industry, especially as self employed, is wonderful but also comes with tremendous pressure - good job I work better under pressure! You aren't just dealing with your own life and it's sporadic ups and downs, but your clients most important day and their precious memories. I think photographers can sometimes be overlooked, with many thinking we just turn up and press a button. One wedding for me isn't just the 10 hours I spend on the day, it's the 10+ hours editing after, all the admin, planning, and meetings that go with it. So I am glad I have a clear head as I will be doing this 28 times this year! I obviously don't think I have the hardest job in the world - I really don't, I actually think I have one of the best. This post can apply to everyone and anyone out there making a living. I am just writing this from my perspective, as it's me and what I know. 

In short, what I'm trying to say is, appreciate your photographers who will mostly be putting your needs first, photographers appreciate your clients for choosing and trusting you and your business - and because they help you grow and have lovely holidays :) - which you need to better yourself and have your time; then this creates a happy little circle. Remember everyone is fighting their own battle, so be kind, laugh, have a healthy 2016 and if you aren't happy doing what you do - please find something else, life is too short!

I hope to see a few more sunsets like this, this year....