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When I first started my photography business in 2014 I would never have imagined this is where I would be today. I started my business with nothing but just knew I wanted to do something I loved, and whilst being predominately self taught, I also had some mentoring from Kate Hopewell-Smith. What I never could’ve imagined back then is four years later I would be photographing her wedding in Croatia. This is proof to me that dreams will come true if you want it enough. I am booked two years in advance and my work is frequently featured on numerous blogs and magazines. 

Whilst building my business my main focus has always been on my clients, however this past year I have been inundated with messages and emails asking for advice from fellow / aspiring photographers or people who just want to learn how to use their camera, so I have decided to offer Skype Sessions. 

I believe that anyone can be anything they want, if they have the right determination. If you feel like you need guidance, inspiration or want advice about a certain topic then this might be the right thing for you. 

Whatever your photography journey may be, I look forward to being a part of it with you. 

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If you wish to book a Skype session

Please email me with a general insight into what you would like to cover in the session so I am prepared to get the most out of the time with you. There will be no practical element to the sessions, meaning I won't physically do a shoot over Skype so you can watch me work etc. Hopefully face to face sessions are something to look out for in the future...