Summer season 2018 deadlines.

Well, if you have clicked to read this blog it's a miracle as I know the title is far from enticing - BUT it has to be done, as I go away on September 2nd for four weeks - WAHOOO! However with this comes deadlines & a lot of backlogged editing, so I feel it best to do a blog so whoever needs to be kept in the loop or whoever emails whilst I am away can have something which will hopefully explain everything.

So as you all know this has been my craziest year with the business to date! I have definitely learnt the hard way as I do everything on my own - admin, editing, meetings, the shoots itself, which has meant it has had an affect on my personal life, so I am very much looking forward to spending some quality time & not worrying about "got to get home to edit"! I have currently edited 29,278 photos this Spring / Summer - individually! It's absolutely crazy when I see the number like that. More will be added to that this week as I aim to catch up as much as I can.

So deadlines!

Anything shot before August 18th WILL 100% be finished by the time I go. Every wedding thereafter (still ongoing this week) have been made aware & left with a handful of edits to keep them going. If anyone is wanting a specific photo that I haven't sent them, for example it could be a family member's birthday & you want a certain photo for them, please let me know by August 30th so I can get that to you. The fact I am leaving editing behind is something I never wanted to do, but unfortunately nothing could've prepared me for the workload this year. Luckily I have the most understanding & patient couples - however my wait time is still currently quite quick, I HAVE TO keep telling myself this! I have been speaking to lots of different people about it, fellow photographers, guests at weddings etc, & they have all assured me they know of people who wait MONTHS or photographers who take 10+ weeks to get the photos back, which I can now see why by the way! I would love to know how long you waited for your photos / you'd be willing to wait or other photographers wait times? Leave me a comment! With this in mind, I know I am the one who puts pressure on myself - not my clients, but I am learning & coming to realise that "it's okay"! What it has made me do is amend my editing time to six weeks from now on, & then for holidays that do happen to come up in the future, clients will always be made aware, just like this time!

I can't believe I am fully booked for 2019 & fully in swing taking bookings for 2020 - nearly booked half way! Current open enquiries wishing to FaceTime, will all be organised for this week. Otherwise we can meet when I am back in October. Sometimes however if both the client & myself are 100% sure, the booking can go ahead without an initial meet, as we can arrange that at a later stage. So any enquiries I receive whilst away - I will reply, there just might be a slight delay as I aim to only do my emails one night a week. This will be very difficult for me but it's so important I really take this time to shut off & recharge ready for what has turned out to be a SUPER BUSY October. I will be starting October with a styled shoot & a triple wedding weekend, so definitely coming back with a bang! I also have lots of lovely family shoots booked in, so if you are wanting me to photograph you in October, please get in touch before I go as I am very limited with dates. I will also be revealing new & exciting things which I haven't had chance to talk about or properly sort out this Summer - but changes are coming!

All album designs have been sent out & / or ordered. Anyone who is having an album who has not yet made their favourites, I will start work on these in October. Suppliers wanting photos - please email me before I go & I will send you the link to the galleries once having got permission from the couple! Otherwise I shall get them all sent out once I am back! All October couples have been contacted - weddings after that, if you haven't heard from me - don't panic, it's cause you're not meant to yet ;-) you will be hearing from me in October. How many times have I said October please?! I will probably need to say it again....sorry.

I think that's it! As my automated email will explain in short! I just wanted to make everyone aware that I haven't vanished, just in need of a much needed re-charge. This in no way is an insult to what I do, as I adore my job & actually even more so because of the amazing people I have photographed this year. But because I love it that much, I sometimes forget to love those around me as I don't have time to think about anything else, & this is where it becomes a problem. We are very lucky that we can go away for such a long time, but I definitely think it will take me around ten days to settle - HA! I will try & get a couple of blog posts scheduled for whilst I am away - otherwise see you all in October! I have one more wedding today (later ceremony which is why I have chance to blog) & another on Friday, so if you follow me on social media you will still be seeing new images coming in!

Thank you to all my AMAZING clients so far this year, & to my family & friends who support me, even when I am no joy to be around!