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I have been away from my desk for a couple of weeks but I am now back to blogging & making plans for the year ahead whilst I have time. The reason for me being away is a personal one which I won't go into but it brings me into writing this blog, as I would love your opinion on whether you feel a professional blog should purely be dedicated to 'the profession' (in my case, photography) & not include personal things, or a bit of both...

I have done a handful of personal blogs in the past & have recently gone back & read them all. I am so pleased that I did this cause it's really lovely for me to look back on & reflect how I was feeling then & how far I have come. They mostly link in some way to my business whether it being about workflow or personal achievements or my own engagement! This brings me to ask, is this as far as 'personal' blogs should go if using on your business site? I suppose it depends on the type of business you're in & the person you are but I always say to my clients I want them to book me if they like me, but sometimes it can be more than that. I want to be relatable & real rather than a wedding photo machine or 'the cheaper option'. If you already read my blogs you will know I do love a ramble but that is because I really enjoy it, I love writing down how I am feeling & talking about what's going on in my business / life, & as I have read them all back, I have realised I want to do more - I find it very therapeutic! But by more I mean, talk about anything I feel like talking about, not just my business! I sometimes think of a blog post I would love to do & then stop myself cause it isn't to do with photography or my business. Rob thinks I should write a book but he is my biggest fan & would unfortunately be the only person to read it, so I think I will stick to the blogging route for now.

This is a picture of my coffee table tray arrangement as I didn't know what picture would be appropriate for this blog.

So my ultimate question, & it's regarding myself (not in a general view, as like I say, every business is different). Do you think I should keep personal posts separate to my website & have a completely new blog, or do you think it's refreshing to have a mixture of both? What would you find inappropriate or unnecessary? Would you be interested to read about my holidays, whether we should get a puppy, my love of interior design, my love of pineapples, our own wedding plans (even though that's linked), recently deciding to have surgery (whoops I said it! Subtly slipped it in, so only the ones who have read this far will know!) etc etc. I would love to know your thoughts, whoever you are! But mainly from my previous clients or perspective clients & fellow photographers as you are my audience after all. 

OR - is there no right or wrong?

I'll be back soon blogging a wedding - of course! In the meantime I will be doing a lot of reflecting.

Have a lovely weekend. x

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