I decided to experiment with boudoir photography after agreeing to be a model on a Boudoir training session. The fun I had being on the other side of the lens was something I really didn’t expect and I left feeling empowered. I decided I wanted to make women feel how I was feeling so experimented with photographing my best friend. As soon as I started I knew I’d found an exciting path. I have always preferred looking at portraits of women as I think there is so much depth and beauty, so actually creating them and making women feel amazing is extremely rewarding. 

Your images will be tasteful and stylish in the best possible light. The shoot will take place in my home or if you would prefer in your home in your own surroundings that’s fine, if you think it’s suitable.

Most women do this as gifts for their partners or future husbands, but I think the most rewarding gift is for her, for YOU. The gift of confidence when she sees her true beauty. So I would recommend this to any woman with or without a partner to show them off to, as this shoot should be for yourself.

If you want to find out more information on what to expect and how you would prepare please get in touch and I will send you my brochure.